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A Housewife's Story


I would love to visit your church or ladies Bible study group and share this design with them! One person will receive this design while the rest of the group will receive a small design that goes with the story. I don't charge for this service, but I do invite attendees to give a free-will offering to support this ministry.

Have you ever misplaced something super valuable? I'm not talking your keys or your phone or your sock (just one, how come they never go missing together?!). I'm talking like one of those paper envelopes you get from the bank full of $100 bills, or your henna cones at a henna party, or, like, one of your kids at the park. (Hey, no one said I was speaking from experience here! You made that up all on your own!)

Anyways, the woman in today's story pulled a Kassi (yes, that's what we call it at my house for totally unrelated reasons) and lost something super valuable. She lost a silver coin, and this silver coin was worth about an entire day of pay. Bummer. So what did she do? She cleaned house! (Anyone else do that?!) The Bible's exact words for her actions are "seek diligently." If she was trying to find it before her husband got home, I would add the adverb "desperately."

But it worked! She found her missing silver coin. And then what did she do?! What all women do when we have something to celebrate! She called her girlfriends and said, "Come celebrate with me! I found my lost coin."

Real Truth is like this: valuable, worth finding and celebrating. But how do we do that? How do we find and know that something we hear is true?

I can guarantee you this. Anything you find in the Bible is trustworthy because it is the Word of God, and God is Truth. It's who He is. All the stories I am going to tell you this week are true and reliable because they come from the Bible, and they apply to your life today because even though the words were written a long time ago, God intended for you to read them now.

Dear God, thank you for Truth. Thank you for uttering your words to our hearts and revealing yourself through Your Word. Thank you for the person reading these words right now. I pray that you will meet them exactly where they are and start whispering into their heart and transforming their lives.

(Based on Luke 15:8-10)

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