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Bible Story Henna

There are three Greek Words that have been translated, "Word of God" in our English Bible.

The first is "graphe," which literally refers to the book itself, the pages and binding and ink.

The second word is "logos." "Logos" means "message." "Logos" is the message, the story, what the pages are telling you.

The last word is "rhema," which literally means utterance. To utter is to speak or to reveal. The Rhema Word of God is when you read something in your Bible, and it's like God wrote that just for you. It's when you go to church and the pastor's sermon reaches into your heart, and you think, "How did he know I was going through that? Has he been listening in at my house?" The Rhema Word of God is when the Holy Spirit speaks into your heart, revealing to you the lies that you have unknowingly partnered with, and replaces them with His Truth. And that, my friends, is when lives change.

I love doing henna. It is an artform that focuses my mind and feeds my soul. But more than that, I want your life to change. I don't want you to be stuck in a place of discord and confusion and trauma. I want to be a tool the Holy Spirit uses to bring hope and healing and restoration to your life.


I have been in some very dark places. I have screamed in agony and wept in heart-wrenching grief. I have felt shame and fear and resentment. I have been poisoned by my own bitterness. And I have learned lots through all of those experiences. And there have been many people who have spoken into my life for whom I am extremely grateful. But do you know what has been my lifeline? The thing that I have clung to when everything else was falling apart? God's Holy Word. Don't forget in the darkness what was revealed to you in the Light.

The last thing Jesus told his followers before he went to heaven was to spread this Good News, the Gospel. That's why I created these henna designs. How will you share?

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